Recruiting Top Talent

-Vice President of Global Operations

Build and Maintain Operational readyness through various markets served by GCW. This position may require international travel 

Director of Business Development

 The  will play a lead role in soliciting new business , interface with prospective clients. Travel required outside of the United States

-Executive Assistant

Work closely with CEO and Management to facilitate operations.  Travel may be required outside of the United States 

Recruiting Opportunities North America


Director of Human Resources

This position may require travel outside of the United States. 

Director of Implementation

Responsible for the deployment of desalination systems

Manager of Implementation

Plan, direct and coordinate deployment of desal systems

Accounting Professional

Maintain an accurate accounting of all funds related to operations

Corporate Council

Compliance Officer

Director of Network Operations

Maintain operational integrity with 5- 9's of reliability, May require travel outside of the United States.

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