New Employees

Chris Moody was recruited this week to fill the CTO position. He brings a plethora of experience to his new role. Chris will join a trade delegation to Australia

Water News

China's Blood River


Beijing (Reuters) - China plans to spend 2 trillion yuan, or 330 billion on an action plan to tackle pollution  of its scarce water resources, state media. 

Energy Water Nexus


Massive amounts of fresh water is required to produce energy in coal plants located throughout China. The water table stands at just 5% and is at a breaking point

Polluted Farmland


Farming communities in China are forced to use sub-standard water to produce crops for export

The emerald Isle is goes brown.


 Ireland- known is as the emerald Isle is going brown. The once lush green island is forbidding its' citizens to use a garden hose in hopes of conserving water as the relentless drought continues. 

India drought: '330 million people affected


 India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse, government think tank says.   Marathwada is facing the worst water crisis ever in the history  The 843 reservoirs of the region hold only about 5 per cent water 

Australia's drought


( CNN) Australia is suffering its worst drought in living memory, as dozens of bush-fires are blazing out of control. It's hard to believe that it's winter "down under." Summer is yet to come. 



News and Updates

Hero X water prize winners announced - 

Australia continues to burn. 

Great Barrier Reef is bleaching faster than predicted

Greenland ICE loss is greatest in the last 30 thousand years