US and International Projects

Melbourne Australia


 Contract fulfillment for 120 million gallon per day water purchase agreement  

Sydney Australia


 Plans are underway for a 55 million gallon per day desalinization plant. Operational in Spring of 2020 

Rosarito Beach Mexico


 Rosarito Beach is a resort town on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Area beaches known for strong surf include Rosarito in town, Medio Camino in the south and Baja Malibu to the north making an ideal location for the 95 mgd plant. * Patent pending at this time. 

South Africa


 Plans are underway to build the largest desalination plant on the African Continent. The emergency decree allows the government to fast track approval of the plant. The city had resorted to increasingly drastic measures to clamp down on water usage, including "naming and shaming" the 100 addresses using the most water and fining residents who failed to comply with the 50 liter (13 gallon) limit per person. When completed each facility will produce 75 million gallons per day. 

Los Angeles


 Construction of the largest desalination plant in the world is in planning stages, The 200 million gallon per day desalinization plant will serve downtown and surrounding communities.  

San Diego California


 Water stressed in the last few decades, San Diego has embarked on a journey that will serve existing customers and support the growth of its city with a proposed 200 mgd plant, The will give city planners the freedom to develop beyond current fresh water constraints supporting explosive growth with the value of property values increasing significantly