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Pre IPO Valuation

Driving Growth in this sector is the implementation of this technological achievement leading to a sustainable world. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Mid-Term Management strategy

GCW  has set targets for business goals, investment strategies, and shareholder returns. GCW will strive to achieve its growth strategies to reach those targets. 

Quarterly Reports 2018-2019

2018 Pre-revenue Reports/ filings. achieve sustainable growth through our  commitment: to our stakeholders and businesses. Taking a leading role in the solving one of the biggest issues facing humanity. 

Walmart, Shell Oil, Coca Cola, Pacific Gas and Electric, Mobil Oil, City of Los Angeles

Business Development strategy implemented

Analyst Valuation

Pre and Post IPO analysts,  Management Plan for fiscal years 2018-2024 


 Basic Policy. ◇ Management Numerical Targets. ◇ Business Strategy,  Financial Strategy 

Business Case

Energy and Equipment Costs

The ocean is our engine giving us a tremendous advantage over competitors. Energy costs are over 53% of operational costs. There are no motors reducing the costs by an additional  3% representing a reduction in costs to more than 50% For a relevant example we can examine the saving and what it means in real dollars. The Carlsbad Desalination Plant built and operated by  Poseidon , a subsidiary of IDE. There yearly revenue is approximately 120 million dollars. 

   Given that GCW provided water for the City of San Diego, California our profits will exceed 50 million. Nominally, it makes more sense for Poseidon  to purchase the water from GCW and save 10-15 million dollars a year


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